Ginger words

Track 7 — Ginger words




Well, beneath this calm,
there, lays a storm,
a tempest round the truth.

Where thoughts of you,
wrap round my soul,
like autumn breeze,
through colored leaves.

but I can’t say,
what I really wanna say.

And I could stare into those eyes,
for a thousand lives,
and suffer for them too.

but behind this minds clatter,
is the fact of the matter,
that I’m so in love with you.

but I can’t say,
what I really wanna say.

So I keep secrets that’s just my way,
when it’s hard to find the words to say,
silence seems to have its way with me.

So my minds a constant flurry,
that’s always in a hurry,
to be somewhere it’s free,

and I can say,
what I really wanna say.

So I’m still waiting for words,
to call the birds,
down from heaven,
to rest in my tree.

Where my soul flies,
through open skies,
and finally, we’re free.

and we can say,
what we really wanna say.

so many lives,
so many things,
it’s hard to believe it ain’t all just a dream.

I hold on to life,
I hold on to me,
I hold on to things,
I just cannot see.

Who am I to question this life. 


and I watched,
as she tapped on my window,
and smiled at me,
in that funny way,

and I know,
she didn’t’ know quite what to say,
but it’s ok with me.