The force of love

Track 5 — The force of love



We were born from the wind you and I,
hand to hand, and eye to eye,
and I believe that we have been hypnotized,
to forget we’re angels, from the sky.

Beyond the form beyond the I,
you remind me of who am I,
just beyond the other side,
and beyond me.

Hold on, feel inside,
who am I to question life,
It’s enough, feel alright,
holding on, to what’s inside.

Somethings happening, pull me under,
it don’t matter, I don’t mind.

May the force of Love,
be here with me tonight.
and the fear in me,
Gone by days light.
and I believe that it has been some time,
since the force of love, carried me on high.

beyond the form, beyond the I
you remind me, of who am I.
Just beyond the other side,
and beyond me.

May the force of love,
be here with me tonight,
and the fear in me,
gone by days light.